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Next Gen: Older Shikon by Jyukai-Koudan Next Gen: Older Shikon :iconjyukai-koudan:Jyukai-Koudan 1 2 Shikon and Toru by loveHinaSasu by Jyukai-Koudan Shikon and Toru by loveHinaSasu :iconjyukai-koudan:Jyukai-Koudan 7 0 My Naruto OTP's by Jyukai-Koudan My Naruto OTP's :iconjyukai-koudan:Jyukai-Koudan 2 7 Lihua Coa by Jyukai-Koudan Lihua Coa :iconjyukai-koudan:Jyukai-Koudan 3 8 HSV: April Fools: Koume by Jyukai-Koudan HSV: April Fools: Koume :iconjyukai-koudan:Jyukai-Koudan 7 31 The Lentils of The Last Fourteen Seconds by Jyukai-Koudan The Lentils of The Last Fourteen Seconds :iconjyukai-koudan:Jyukai-Koudan 3 1
HSV: A meeting with the priest
It was afternoon when Koume finished her job. She had done some work for the weapon department and just said goodbye to Taira before leaving. On her way out, she noticed Joshua. He seemed to be on his way to Mikokage's office and she was proven right when he knocked on her door.
“Don't bother.” Koume said to the Bishie Priest. “They just left for a meeting.”
“Who did?”
“Our spouse did. Taira said it could take a while.”
“Ah, that's too bad. I guess I will consult her later.” He paused, and then turned to face Koume. “Wait... Did he tell you about us?”
“About Mikokage-sama and you?” A smile played around Koume's lips. “I've seen the way you look at each other. It wasn't hard to figure out. When I asked my husband, he didn't deny it. But don't worry, your secret is safe with me.”
“I'm glad we can count on your discretion.”
She looked straight at Joshua. “Just promise me one t
:iconjyukai-koudan:Jyukai-Koudan 5 14
ShikaTema by Jyukai-Koudan ShikaTema :iconjyukai-koudan:Jyukai-Koudan 6 2
HSV: Blizzard: Solo Mission
The weather outside was terrible. The wind was howling and snow smashed against the windows. Kiyoshi hoped the windows wouldn't break, and kept the wind out. It was already cold enough as it was now.
He took a sweater from a closet and handed it to his Akiko. “Here, take this. It will keep you warm.” She had come to visit him before the storm started raging and was now stuck in his home. Not that he minded, he loved her company more than anyone else's.
“Thank you.” Her cold fingers touched his cheeks. “Shall we lit the fireplace and cuddle up together?”
“Good plan.” He smiled, as he kissed her forehead. “Lets get some blankets.”
“Right.” She nodded.
But before they could gather blankets, someone entered the house.
Kiyoshi and Akiko both looked startled, but were eased when they were greeted by a familiar, but raspy voice.
“Hello? Anyone home?”
“It's your cousin Karen, right?”
“Yes, I w
:iconjyukai-koudan:Jyukai-Koudan 4 10
SS: Eita by Jyukai-Koudan SS: Eita :iconjyukai-koudan:Jyukai-Koudan 8 13
HSV: It came upon a midnight clear (input needed)
“So how did you like your first Christmas in Omoichidou?” Koume asked her parents, who joined Taira and her during Christmas diner. They had been living in the village for a couple of months now, wanting to be closer to their only daughter. They had began their own shop in the village.
“It was wonderful, dear.” Her mother Anzu smiled. She had dark hair and black eyes and wore a kimono. “The people are so kind and they sure know how to ornate a village and bring Christmas to town. It's so much different in Seppengakure.” Koume noticed how her mothers hand grabbed that of her father. His light blue eyes flickered and he nodded curtly. “Yes, wonderful indeed.” He muttered.
Koume looked at him worried. He had been unusually quiet lately. He wondered if he was homesick and wanted to move back to Snowflakes. But somehow that didn't make sense. Before they settled down in that village they had been traveling all the time.
“Jomei-san, are y
:iconjyukai-koudan:Jyukai-Koudan 3 2
Red Naruto x Shion daughter by Jyukai-Koudan Red Naruto x Shion daughter :iconjyukai-koudan:Jyukai-Koudan 4 14 KankuIno by Jyukai-Koudan KankuIno :iconjyukai-koudan:Jyukai-Koudan 3 10
HSV: Cravings and Chaos
The streets where nicely ornated, and the crowd seemed happy. It was a wonderful day to spend at the festival. Koume had been at other festivals before, but none were as bright and cheerful as this one. She had a great day selling candy with her team, even though the sweet odor made her feel sick. There was also this strange nagging feeling that wouldn't go away.
“Dango.” Her husband Taira stopped and looked at her. “Would you like some of that?”
She shook her head. “I'm sorry, that makes me sick, but you can have some.” She knew he was a sweet tooth.
“Koume, I can't enjoy this food, while you aren't eating anything.” He said as he placed his hand on her belly. “Tell me what you would like. You know I can get you anything.”
She smiled and placed her hand on his. She and her child were craving for tomato-flavored ice-cream. She didn't even know if it existed, but she knew that someone with his connections could actually arrange
:iconjyukai-koudan:Jyukai-Koudan 3 5
HSV: Taira x Koume Honeymoon by Jyukai-Koudan HSV: Taira x Koume Honeymoon :iconjyukai-koudan:Jyukai-Koudan 6 12 HSV: Koume Festival by Jyukai-Koudan HSV: Koume Festival :iconjyukai-koudan:Jyukai-Koudan 8 25

Random Favourites

May I by xcgirl08 May I :iconxcgirl08:xcgirl08 143 44 Elven Melody by Bob-Raigen Elven Melody :iconbob-raigen:Bob-Raigen 38 15 commission jealously shino by alpha89 commission jealously shino :iconalpha89:alpha89 82 7 Request 37 by Hatsutsu Request 37 :iconhatsutsu:Hatsutsu 11 4 Of Science and Magic by ArtDoge Of Science and Magic :iconartdoge:ArtDoge 17,274 1,445 Naruto 565 - Bring me to life by jesterry Naruto 565 - Bring me to life :iconjesterry:jesterry 401 37
Controlling The Fox
Title: Controlling The Fox
Characters: Kushina, Mikoto(pregnant with Sasuke)
Theme: One Thousand Paper Cuts
Summary: Mikoto and Kushina wrapping Christmas presents and a reflection on their friendship.
Disclaimer: I don't own Naruto and I'm certainly not being paid to write this, it's for my own enjoyment and the enjoyment of others.
Dedicated to: OftheNewMoon dA
A/N: I was kind of aiming for slight MikoKush overtones hehe just cuz it's kind of like SasuNaru but not fucked up.
"I hate this!" Kushina screamed, sticking her finger in her mouth and sucking on it. Grabbing a kunai, she stabbed at the wrinkled paper, anger vibrating through her. "Stupid, fucking paper! If you don't start fucking cooperating I will burn down an entire forest in revenge!" Her hair lifted around her, little bubbles of the fox demon's chakra seeping out in her irritation and lifting the red strands like they were its nine tails.
Mikoto snickered softly under her breath and shook her head. "And the
:iconkiterieaine:KiterieAine 15 14
ShinoHana christmas by MiLenaFernandes ShinoHana christmas :iconmilenafernandes:MiLenaFernandes 27 16 CommissionChibi 13 by Cuine CommissionChibi 13 :iconcuine:Cuine 89 21 Fool's gold by jesterry Fool's gold :iconjesterry:jesterry 163 27 Commission Special: Love Blooms by innocent-rebel Commission Special: Love Blooms :iconinnocent-rebel:innocent-rebel 6 7 Dancing in the snow by loknnica Dancing in the snow :iconloknnica:loknnica 110 31
Title: Jealousy
Characters: Shino, Neji
Summary: Neji isn't jealous of Shino, because, after all, he's simply not in the same class as a Hyuuga.
Requested Theme: Jealousy
Disclaimer: I don't own Naruto, Kishimoto does I just like to play with his characters because they're fun.
Dedicated to: Jyukai-Koudan in thanks for the points on dA
Neji isn't jealous of Shino, because, after all, he's simply not in the same class as a Hyuuga. The Aburame Clan doesn't have the power or the skill to even begin to compare to the Hyuuga Clan. Nothing will ever change that, and even if it wasn't the case, Neji knows that he has the talent and the skill to set him far above Shino. It's not that Shino is without his own abilities, and Neji doesn't dislike him, but it is a simple and rather obvious fact that he has nothing to be jealous of.
Then he sees Shino wandering out among the grasses of a meadow and simply communing with nature, not training until he's utterly ex
:iconkiterieaine:KiterieAine 10 28
The Kazekage's Daughter by xcgirl08 The Kazekage's Daughter :iconxcgirl08:xcgirl08 216 24 Shika X Tema by Acolnahuacatl Shika X Tema :iconacolnahuacatl:Acolnahuacatl 546 93 My Fav Naruto Pairings by loveHinaSasu My Fav Naruto Pairings :iconlovehinasasu:loveHinaSasu 218 85


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